SERVICE Suspension and shocks


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Car Suspension System Service

If you are experiencing a rough ride and experiencing any of the following symptoms, your car suspension system needs repair or maintenance work:

  • Unnecessary shaking or vibration through the steering wheel.
  • Increased road noise.
  • Vehicle veering to one side under braking.

Ignoring the symptoms above can be very dangerous.

Suspension & Shocks Repair

Cheap car suspension service is available at DAT tyres with local branchesin London & Hertfordshire where we do repair, fitting, replacement and full maintenance work.

Our branches in Kensal Green, Harlesden, Hammersmith & Baldock have highly experienced and fully trained technicians.

You can make a booking online to have work done at any of our branches, there are no up front charges simply pay when the work is completed.

Shock Absorbers

Car shock absorbers are a very important element in the car, the serve the primary purpose of keeping the ride smooth whilst helping keep the tyres in contact with the road at all times.