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Car Battery Replacement, Fitting & Repair Service in London  

A battery is something which cannot be neglected because it keeps the vehicle running & supplies energy. If everything else is in great condition but the battery is weak, chances of a sudden breakdown increase.

We can help you with: 
Full inspection and examination to find out hidden or potential problems like leakage or slow erosion
Repair job is done after performing the assessment and these include professional work and we keep in mind that the work should not disturb other aspects of the car 
Competent and helping staff who will guide you through each step so you exactly know the nature of work
Latest technology methods which guarantee a healthy battery.


Our low prices for this service will not cost you any extra money or additional charges. The low prices are kept to encourage you to go for it and not compromise on your safety on the road. 

With our affordable prices, you don’t need to spend hours online, moving from website to website or asking a friend for an old leftover replacement that you can use. Our first attempt is always to restore your existing battery but if it is beyond repairable as we perform car battery replacements, we do professional fitting based on:
  • 100% original products
  • Full warranty of 3 years & more
  • Home delivery and click/collect available  

Our London Branches 

As the technology in cars has developed hugely in recent decades the demands on a vehicle battery has also grown significantly.

Modern automobile technology such as no-start issues, warning lights problems with anti-theft devices can all be signs that the energy source for your car may not be strong and healthy.

Most modern cars have on board computers, diagnostic equipment let alone all the peripherals like phones & sat nav systems that get plugged in. All of these are reliant upon having a strong and healthy power supply. 

Many cars use stop technology where when a vehicle is at standstill it automatically shuts down the engine to save fuel and emissions. At DAT, we take special care for this service because we understand this energy reservoir can make or break the performance of a vehicle. 

If you are in Hertfordshire or Hammersmith, you can go here for more info.