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  • Wheel Balancing £7.00

Wheel Balancing Service in London

Wheel balancing is important for a safe ride because:

  • They seize the wear and tear process on tyres
  • They improve the suspension and steering by eliminating any unpleasant vibrations
  • Getting them properly balanced will save you from the time and money you spend later when excessive damage is caused because of them.
  • They even effect the fuel consumption.
  • Our London branches offer professional balancing which helps you achieve all of the above benefits. Wheel balancing is not to be over-looked when you want a smooth and secure driving experience.

Our London branches are in:

  • Kensal Green
  • Harlesden
  • Hammersmith
  • Baldock


You can book online for a car wheel balancing later on a day and time of your choice. The booking is offered to you without any charges so you just pay for the service itself. No heavy bills and extra charges.