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  • (TPMS) Tyre Pressure Monitoring System £69.95

Correct wheel pressure is extremely important for your safety. With our TPMS facility in the local garages, you will always be sure about your tyres and their performance.

We can assist you with:

  • your TPMS light on your dashboard
  • servicing your valve
  • complete changing of valve and sensor.


 If you have TPMS inserted in your vehicle and are not sure about its functionality due to wrong readings or other malfunctions- you should not take a risk. An under inflated or over inflated tyre can contribute in a serious accident and deeply effect your car’s performance. Our center is fully equipped to service the tpms sensors and we also clone the settings on reasonable rates.

Steps for our London branch

If you would like us to just service, then simply add this to your basket by selecting the TPMS Valve replacement in SERVICES section or click/tap here

At DAT we recommend changing Valve stems every 3-5 years to avoid serve corrosion to build up. If you are unsure then give us a call or bring your car in to seek our professional advice

**The price for this service shown on the website is a starting point and is for estimation. Our team will confirm this once we have your correct car details.