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Why 4 Wheel Alignment is Important?

Vehicles leaving the factory have wheels that have been aligned, tested and verified so there are unlikely to be any problem with a wheel alignment. 
Naturally over time even the most careful of drivers will find that their wheels gradually become out of alignment.
How does this happen.
There are various different reasons for wheels or tyres to become mis-aligned with the vast majority of cases due to driving conditions. 
Most areas have road surfaces that have potholes and regularly driving ion uneven or poorly maintained roads will in time cause the alignment to be knocked out of alignment. The same can be said for riding up against kerbstones.

Signs I may need an alignment check

It can be tricky to spot mis aligned wheels but they can have a major impact.

  • Uneven wear & tear of your tyres 
  • The vehicle tracking to the left or right 
  • Pulling to one side or another under breaking
  • Vibration through the steering wheel 
  • Having correct wheel alignment can help in many ways. 
  • Tyre life is improved
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Lower wear & tear on brakes & suspension
  • Safer driving

To find out more call in and speak to one of our service professionals in one of our branches and inquire about how often you need to have an alignment.

What is involved in Wheel Alignment?

Many people ask us wheat is the difference between 2 wheel alignment and 4 wheel alignment?
 A 2-wheel alignment which can also be described as known as a front-end alignment, means our specialists technicians perform the service on only the front wheels, which may include a camber, toe, and caster adjustment. In some cases, a ‘thrust angle adjustment’ may be necessary, to make certain that all four wheels are perfectly aligned with eachother.
4-wheel alignment means that all four wheels are adjusted – this is most commonly needed for 4 wheel drive vehicles, especially where they have independent suspension. 

Why Choose DAT for a 4 Wheel Alignment?

At DAT we have specialist technicians capable of carrying out 4 Wheel Alignment on any vehicle.
We have the latest laser guides alignment equipment to ensure perfect results 
We have over 40 years experience & the best team around.
All work is guaranteed !
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