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  • Four Wheel Alignment Hertfordshire £65.99

Wheel Alignment Providers - For Your Hertfordshire

Here at DAT Tyres we have been providing this adjustment service for many years to customers in your area.

Our branch is located on the London Rd Trading Estate close to both the A1 and the M1 motorways, each day tens of thousands of vehicles pass close by and government statistics would suggest that potentially upto 10% of these vehicles may need a correction.

Reasons to choose us for the cheap but professional service.

  • Over 50 years’ experience
  • Fully trained technicians
  • State of the art diagnostic and engineering equipment
  • Flat charge of £48.00 for wheel alignment which is far lower than what is offered at other places, we have cheap alignments for your tyres because we want to fully satisfy our customers with competitive price points.

Dangers of neglecting

In simple terms having mis-aligned wheels can cause a number of issues, these may have a small impact early on but if left untreated will cause serious damage and can render your vehicle dangerous. There are a number of different signs tht the wheel alignment needs looking at:

  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right.
  • You may notice uneven or very rapid tyre wear.
  • Squealing tyres at low speeds

Wheel Balancing saves you from trouble

A little neglect can cause adverse effects later. If the tyres are not balanced – that means the grip is lost and vehicle can go out of control. At DAT, we provide balancing service for Hertfordshire and around- so you can stay safe.  For London area, you can go here.