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Car Battery Repair - Hertfordshire Garage

The modern car battery is a very different piece of equipment than in the old days, when motorists would often be found topping up the battery with distilled water.

Modern batteries are sealed units and in many cases the first sign of trouble is when the battery fails this can however cause a number f other issues as cars have many more electrical parts than before. For this reason it is advisable to have a trained technician check the health of your battery a couple of times per year. At DAT Tyres we offer car battery repairing in our local Baldock branch, so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s health.

The importance of your car battery

Modern vehicles are packed with computers and other electronic devices, not forgetting other “plug Ins” like sat nav, mobiles, ipods and dvd players.

Many modern cars also have “stop start” fuel economy system that stops the engine when the car is stationery, this may save fuel but re starting a battery places heavy load,  those batteries in a good condition will be able to manage this easily, but poor condition units will cause the voltage to drop sharply. This drop in voltage if severe enough, can cause issues with on board computer systems and other electronic devices.

Battery Fitting & Repairing in Local Areas

If you are in or near the Hertfordshire region and considering a local battery repair in any of these areas (Clothall Common, Radwell, Letchworth Garden City & A1 (M) or London Rd Baldock our branch in Baldock is situated close to the A1 has all the latest diagnostic equipment. We are happy to help our customers in these areas, you can book your appointment online with us.

We stock a wide range of car batteries in Hertfordshire from the world’s leading battery manufacturers, we are able to supply you the right battery for your vehicle and your pocket.

Get a free battery check in Hertfordshire.

It is estimated by the department of transport that 10% of vehicles on the road may have defective batteries so it makes sense to take advantage of our free battery test.

We carry out a test on the battery and also the charging system also test the charging system of the vehicle and also test the starter so you are fully aware of the total position, just one example of our desire to go above and beyond the competition when it comes to customer service.

So if you need a car battery in Hertfordshire make DAT Tyres your first call, you won’t be disappointed.