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Car Brake Repairs at Hammersmith  

Motoring in London used to be fun but over the years the volume of traffic means it is now far less enjoyable than it was then DAT Tyres opened our doors to the public here in Hammersmith.

The traffic may be thicker nowadays but the most important thing is that motorists in Hammersmith are safe !

A vehicles braking system is by far and away the most important safety feature, and often as drivers we only really realise this when we have to perform an emergency stop.in your car and to it is sensible to have it checked at least once per year.

Tell-tale signs of wear & tear on your car’s brakes

Brake fluid will attract moisture, dependent upon the climate and the conditions in which the vehicle is kept both through the day and at night.

Moisture build up can eventually lead to water bubbles forming, this is obviously dangerous as it dramatically reduces the braking capacity of your car and in very extreme cases can lead to the complete failure of your brakes!

Other signs to look out for are the vehicle starting to “pull” to one side or other when the brakes are applied.

This “pulling” sensation can also be a sign of excessive tyre wear so getting it checked by our specialist tyre and brake technicians at our Harlesden branch who will determine what will be the best, and most cost effective course of action to take.

Is it easy to book a car brake service in Hammersmith?

Here at DAT Tyres we believe that motoring should be enjoyable and alays try to take the stress and strain out of servicing.

Our website has a very user friendly booking form - just follow the steps below

  • Under the All Services tab
  • Click Brakes
  • Fill in your vehicle registration
  • Select the Harlesden branch
  • Choose the date
  • Choose AM / PM
  • Add any additional services and submit.

How much will it cost?

Our highly qualified and fully equipped technicians are able to report and discuss whatever is required to get your brakes fixed; if we can repair we will or replace only the parts that need it.

You can rest assured that we will only do what is necessary to give you the best and most cost effective solution. As part of Europe’s largest group of independent dealers we have enormous purchasing power and get great deals from the world’s leading manufacturers.