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Car Brake Repairs at Hammersmith  

A vehicles braking system is by far and away the most important safety feature, and often as drivers we only really realise this when we have to perform an emergency stop. Brake repairs are important & in Hammersmith we perform them professionally so you are safe on the road. 

At DAT you can make use of regular check-ups so the hidden problems are identified and solved before-hand. Servicing includes examination of the current state with proper counter measures towards brake discs, pads or any other elements. You can trust in our expertise for brake servicing at the Hammersmith garage because no matter what vehicle you own, we have the abilities to professionally get the work done, without any time gaps. 

Brake replacements for Hammersmith customers

It is a common fear that going to the mechanic especially for something as sensitive as the brakes may not turn out to be good. With us, you can be 100% sure that we will fix the damages and even share a detailed sketch of the work being done so you are aware of the measure we are taking & benefits of doing so.

If the situation has gone out of hand and it is beyond any repair, we can suggest a new fitting which will be done after the old system is replaced with care. Our car brake fitting procedure is done carefully so that no other issues arise for you later. 

Other areas we work for include London, Harlesden & Hertfordshire.